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Davidson County Public Records

Anyone who is looking for particular Davidson County, TN public records — whether these are records of births, deaths, marriages, or court cases, among others — ought to know what particular public records resource should be used to look for specific types of public records, as well as the requirements for securing the public records sought for.

The following is a list of some of the more important resources for Davidson County, TN public records:

1. Nashville Health Department
The Vital Records division of the Nashville Health Department keeps and issues copies of all birth certificates after 1950 and death certificates after 1966. Furthermore, it also does the same for medical and dental records of anyone who has received treatment from the Metropolitan Health Department of Nashville and Davidson County.

Applications for these records involve printing a copy of the application form and mailing the accomplished form, along with a copy of proper identification (such as a driver’s license) to the following address:

Vital Records
Lentz Public Health Center
311 23rd Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Of course, the requirements can also be handed in personally at the said address.

a. Birth Certificates
Available in short form and long form, birth certificates when requested require the presentation of proper identification, which should be sent along with a completed application and payment.

Long forms provide complete information and are considered true copies of the original birth certificate. These are available for births in Metropolitan Nashville along with those those in Davidson County, TN beginning January 1, 1966 until 30 days after birth. Each long form costs $15, but additional copies cost only $5 each.

Short forms, on the other hand, are available for $8, with additional copies costing $5 each. These are available for births that took place in Tennessee beginning January 1, 1949 until 60 days after birth.

Telephone Number: (615) 340-5611
Application for Birth Certificate:

b. Death Certificates
Death certificates for deaths in Metroplitan Nashville as well as Davidson County, TN, from January 1, 1966 until the present are available at the cost of $7 each.

Telephone Number: (615) 340-5612
Application for Death Certificate:

c. Medical and Dental Records
Medical and dental records are available at the cost of $10 for copies of records 1 to 10 pages long, the 11th pages and onwards costing $.50 each. A duly accomplished medical release form is also required.

Telephone Number: (615) 340-5679
Application for Death Certificate:

2. Davidson County Clerk: Marriage Licenses
Anyone who obtained their marriage license within Davidson County in the past ten years can request for a copy of this license by mailing a duly accomplished request form along with a check made payable to “Davidson County Clerk’s Office” with the amount of $5 for each requested copy. The mailing address is stated on the downloadable request form.

Telephone Number: 37219-6333
Request Form for Copy of Marriage License:

Marriage licenses for unions from 1780 until 1992 are available through the Metro Archives:

Marriage licenses for unions within the last 11 to 50 years are available through Tennessee Vital Records:

3. Davidson Court Records
Davidson court records are available from the courts that handled the cases, which may be either circuit courts, chancery courts, criminal courts, general session courts, juvenile courts, probate courts, or municipal courts.

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