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Tennessee bills look to improve proton therapy cancer treatment coverage

NeedleProton therapy might sound like a phrase from a science fiction novel, but this cancer treatment is a scientific breakthrough. Approved by the FDA in 1988, this specific form of radiation treatment is gaining ground throughout the United States. Now, thanks to the recently opened Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, residents of Tennessee and its neighboring states have more radiation treatment options than ever before. [Read more...]

NCAA tournament brings economic boost to Memphis

BasketballIt’s that time of year again – day or night, you can hardly turn on the TV without hearing some mention of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. This year’s matchups are better described as jaw-droppers than crowd-pleasers. While the numerous upsets and non-stop news coverage have left many basketball fans feeling bewildered, or even a little burnt out, there’s a new reason to love March Madness. The games may bust brackets and break hearts, but they also consistently boost the economy. [Read more...]

Common Core State Standards in Tennessee

ExamOver the past several years, many states in the U.S. have adopted the Common Core State Standards. This set of objectives, designed in Washington D.C., governs the teaching of core subjects in elementary and secondary schools, including math, English, arts, science, and social studies. It aims to create uniformity in education across the states, and to ensure that all students are taught the same basic skills. [Read more...]

Nashville travel guide

NashvilleNashville, Tennessee is the country music capital of the world and has become a leader in education. As one of the most vibrant cities in the south, the tourism industry is booming, but it can be so hard to narrow down exactly what to do in this historic city. One of the most popular destinations in Nashville is the area along historic Broadway Avenue and 2nd Avenue North. This area, known as The District, is jam packed with shopping, restaurants and entertainment for people of all ages. [Read more...]

Tennessee unemployment rate fell to 7.2 percent in January

WorkThere was some good news for people looking for work January according to the latest jobs numbers released by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The latest report shows that the unemployment rate in Volunteer State fell to 7.2 percent in January. This is over a half percentage point improvement from the 7.8 percent rate in December of 2013. [Read more...]

Tennessee State University requires traceable ID for students and staff

IDBeginning tomorrow (March 1st), all students and staff at Tennessee State University (TSU) will be required to wear and display traceable identification badges. Students will receive a special lanyard that prominently displays their ID badge.

Anyone found on campus that is not wearing the ID can be compelled to leave. Students might receive judicial punishment for non-compliance and employees can face disciplinary action. [Read more...]

Tennessee taps celebrity musicians for 2014 vacation guide

LiveMusic lives on in Tennessee, and that message comes through strongly in the new 2014 Official Tennessee Vacation Guide. A brilliant cover features the international superstar, Justin Timberlake, who is also a Tennessee native.

A tourism department spokesperson said that they were thrilled to have Justin Timberlake on the cover of the 2014 Official Tennessee Vacation Guide as they celebrated rock n’ roll’s 60th anniversary and everything that the state has to offer as the number one music destination in the world. [Read more...]

Tennessee divorce courts might start promoting equal custody

CourtA number of state lawmakers in Tennessee are looking at child custody in a whole new way. There is a big push from advocates now who argue that divorcing parents should get equal custody.

Proponents of the shared parenting laws say that children are much better adjusted when they get the same amount of time with both parents. They are against laws that give custody to just one parent, except in cases where there’s a history of substance or physical abuse. Critics say that judges have to have some flexibility in determining custody arrangements that are optimal for children. [Read more...]

It takes more than a college student ID to vote in Tennessee

VoteIt is important to make sure that everyone that casts a ballot during an election has the right to vote. This need has caused an increase in the prevalence of voter ID laws. These laws make sure that our elections are fair and maintain the integrity of our government. However, they can sometimes have some unintended consequences.

Students in Tennessee could soon be blocked from casting ballots in upcoming elections because of the state’s new voter ID law. [Read more...]