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Tennessee makes it legal to break into a car to save an animal

Dog CarStories of the “locked in a hot car” variety tend to spread like wildfire on the news. When a person or pet is injured or worse due to being left in a hot vehicle for too long, there’s a collective public outcry over how the perpetrator could have been so ignorant of the risks or have known about them and proceeded anyways. [Read more…]

Tennessee sued over issues with restoring voting rights

VoteA lawsuit recently filed in Tennessee seeks to discover why those whose felony records have been erased still haven’t regained their ability to vote, some as many as six months or a year down the road. According to the lawsuit, election officials in the state are actively ignoring court orders to lift voting bans. [Read more…]

Tennessee hopes to speed up genetic disease testing in newborns

ResearchIn the state of Tennessee, about 1 in every 800 babies is born with a genetic disorder.  These disorders range in severity, though most of them, when caught early, can be treated, if not cured.  For this to happen, however, newborns need to be diagnosed and treated within their first couple of weeks of life in order to prevent such diseases from wreaking havoc on their bodies.  Directly after a child is born, a nurse will prick its feet to collect a few drops of blood for testing.  These drops allow for hospital blood labs to quickly test for conditions like sickle-cell anemia and cystic fibrosis. [Read more…]

Powdered alcohol could soon become illegal in Tennessee

WhiskeyHave you ever heard of such a thing as powdered alcohol?  If you’re like most people, the concept may sound completely foreign to you – and that’s absolutely understandable.  A federal agency, just a few days ago, approved powdered alcohol for sale in the US, with a company that’s branding it “Palcohol” leading the way. [Read more…]

Tennessee wants to charge hourly for public records requests

DollarsIn an ironic twist of fate, citizens have always been at odds with the bodies that are meant to represent them.  More specifically, those seeking public records from governing and tax-funded organizations often run into obstacles in retrieving the documents that they’re looking for. [Read more…]

Winter storms keep Tennessee in a state of emergency

CloudsWinter storms have bombarded the northeastern parts of the United States for the past couple of weeks, and it looks like residents of Tennessee aren’t quite out of the woods yet.  As of early Monday, the state is still in a state of emergency.  Last week, a powerful storm stacked on top of the already harsh winter in the state, dumping snow throughout the region. [Read more…]

Tennessee lawmakers decide against Medicaid expansion

DeniedSome time ago, big news hit the state of Tennessee, especially for the region’s underserved populations living near or below the poverty line.  The governor, Bill Haslam, announced that the state of Tennessee would accept the federal government’s Medicaid expansion offer.  The governor soon announced an “Insure Tennessee” plan which was rolled out before members of the public and the elected government alike. [Read more…]

Supreme Court to decide if Tennessee’s same sex marriage ban is constitutional

CourtSame sex marriage has been a very divisive issue in the United States.  So much so, that it wasn’t until 2004 that Massachusetts became the first state to legalize it.  In the decade since, many states have followed suit, and now a full 36 of them allow for same sex couples to [Read more…]

Tennessee revises its water protection rules and permitting policy

ApprovedHave you ever tried to remodel your house, build a new structure on your property, or repair an existing one?  If you happened to live near any kind of body of water, you probably found out fairly quickly that your process was going to be a bit more involved than that of someone who wasn’t close to any lakes, rivers, etc.  For some people, their projects are called off altogether because of the additional red tape. [Read more…]

Tennessee governor claims Promise program is working

GraduationYou’ve likely read about the Tennessee Promise before – it’s the state’s radical new program to help subsidize the cost of higher education and continue to bring degrees to a larger and larger percentage of the state’s population.  The program, which was only started this year, just got its first real checkup, and things are looking good. [Read more…]