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Tennessee Promise registration is now open to high school seniors

Register FormRegistration is now open for seniors of the class of 2015 to sign up for the Tennessee Promise. The initiative’s aim is to increase the number of post-high school diploma certificates and degrees. [Read more...]

University of Tennessee welcomes largest freshman class in 30 years

GraduationWhen classes begin at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the university will be welcoming nearly 4,700 freshmen, and it will be the largest freshman class the University has accepted in 30 years. The second largest was in 2004 when it accepted a total of 4,422 students.

At the school, a total of 7,400 students will live on campus, an increase of about 300 over last year. Jimmy Cheek, University Chancellor said there was a clear focus to enroll an additional 400 freshman compared to last year to maintain its undergraduate enrollment of 21,500. [Read more...]

UT to get a new offensive tackle five months early

FootballSports at colleges in Tennessee have grown to account for an outrageously loud scream in the noise that makes up the university selection process for many graduating high school seniors these days. With an economy still stumbling past the finish line of a recession and many schools feeling the squeeze, traditional academic scholarships from public universities aren’t as abundant as they could be. [Read more...]

Tennessee aims for education wins through Pathways to Prosperity

Chart UpOn June 26, leaders from education and industry gathered in Nashville to continue a dynamic ongoing conversation between the public and private sectors. The goal is to create students that graduate from colleges in Tennessee who will compete, and win, in the high tech economy of the future.

The Growing Need for College Education

In 2012 Tennessee joined the Pathways to Prosperity Network, an educational consortium of nine separate states devoted to the common goal of making public schools focus on actual career development. [Read more...]

Tennessee whiskey has to meet strict requirements

WhiskeyThere are a number of concerning issues facing our country today. Lawmakers are dealing with complaints surrounding the economic and jobs crisis, gun control and violence in schools, environmental decline and regulation and, of course, what makes a Tennessee whiskey “Tennessean.”

Wait, what? You read that right, the whiskey wars are back on in Tennessee, and no one seems to be completely happy with the outcome yet. In case you haven’t been following the saga of recent years, here’s a quick recap: [Read more...]

Lawmakers want to know why TCAP scores are being delayed

ExamDo you know what the TCAP is? Unless you’re directly involved with primary education in the state of Tennessee, this acronym might strike you as a bit foreign. Even so, it’s at the heart of a heated debate in the state right now. The TCAP, or the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, is a standardized test used to determine the final grades of primary school students in years three through eight. [Read more...]

Unemployment is down but wages are not improving in Tennessee

ChartIt’s been almost six years since the unemployment rate in Tennessee was last at 6.3%, but that’s a reality now for the residents of a state that’s been hit at least as much as any other in the recent recession. For many, the jobless rate’s decline is an indication of, finally, some turn around in the state’s, and by extension the nation’s recovery. To be sure, local authorities and politicians will likely tout the rate changes as such anyway. [Read more...]

Tennessee now offers two years of community college for free

GraduationOn April 15, 2014, the state of Tennessee took its final official steps in ratifying Governor Bill Haslam’s “Tennessee Promise Scholarship Act (TPSA)” proposal. The highlights of this legislation include far-reaching scholarship opportunities (on the order of millions of dollars) offered through the state as a stop-gap to any student who registers, demonstrates need, and remains in good standing with the program. [Read more...]

Tennessee bills look to improve proton therapy cancer treatment coverage

NeedleProton therapy might sound like a phrase from a science fiction novel, but this cancer treatment is a scientific breakthrough. Approved by the FDA in 1988, this specific form of radiation treatment is gaining ground throughout the United States. Now, thanks to the recently opened Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, residents of Tennessee and its neighboring states have more radiation treatment options than ever before. [Read more...]

NCAA tournament brings economic boost to Memphis

BasketballIt’s that time of year again – day or night, you can hardly turn on the TV without hearing some mention of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. This year’s matchups are better described as jaw-droppers than crowd-pleasers. While the numerous upsets and non-stop news coverage have left many basketball fans feeling bewildered, or even a little burnt out, there’s a new reason to love March Madness. The games may bust brackets and break hearts, but they also consistently boost the economy. [Read more...]